handcrafted + heartfelt design

Welcome! Gillian Tracey Design is a one woman creative studio with a heart for beautiful, functional design and authentic relationships.

Are you a hard-working creativepreneur struggling to build a brand that is a true ambassador for your business? You don’t have to go through the journey alone! It’s my mission to work one-on-one with business owners like yourself to not just design something beautiful, but to design something that is going to work just as hard at representing your business as you do.

You want branding with heart!


Branding + Squarespace

Stand out from the forest of competition with a hand-crafted brand identity and Squarespace site! Each project is designed to not only be beautiful and heartfelt, but to be super functional.

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Brand Collateral

Take your brand to the next level with beautifully designed collateral! When everything related to your brand, from print to digital, works together seamlessly your business will stand out in the wild.


Education + Resources

It's always my goal to educate and empower my clients after a project is complete, which is why I created the Learning Library! Check out the blog for free resources on topics like branding and Squarespace. 

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Brand Discovery

Branding is an adventure, but it can be easy to lose your sense of direction. The Brand Discovery mini package acts as a compass for creativepreneurs working to define their brand and reach their goals.