handcrafted + heartfelt design

You've got a big-hearted business. I've got a knack for bringing your story to life. Let's tell it through a custom brand identity and strategically- designed Squarespace site!

Are you a hard-working small business owner struggling to build a brand that is a true ambassador for your business? Maybe you're tired of DIYing your site, but you want something that'll still be easy to update and maintain on your own?

You don’t have to go through the journey alone! At the heart of how I serve my clients is guiding them on the adventure that is bringing a brand to life! It’s my mission to work one-on-one with creative business owners like yourself to not just design something beautiful, but to strategically design something that is going to work hard everyday, just like you do.

You need design with heart (and smarts!), handcrafted + custom-made just for you!

Here's how I can help you:


Branding + Squarespace

Stand out from the forest of competition with handcrafted branding and Squarespace site! 

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Monthly Retainers

Perfect for the biz owner that needs beautifully designed brand collateral but is short on time. Learn more!


Education + Resources

Free resources and blog content on topics like branding, business, design, and Squarespace. 

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Brand + web audits

Brand Discovery Session and website audits: where DIY spirit meets expert advice + action steps.

Now offering pre-made branding kits in the shop! Click here to learn more and to shop the exclusive collection.