Recent Project: Becky's Berries Brand Identity Concept

Hello, everyone! If you follow along with me on Instagram, you may have seen bits and pieces of this project (if you aren't following along, then let's change that!). Today, I'm very excited to show you a concept project I've been working on.

Becky's Berries is a company located in Montana that creates jams, jellies, and other products from beautiful summer wild berries, including one of my very favorites: huckleberries! I couldn't help but be inspired to create a beautiful brand identity that captured the essence of the fresh, clear air of big sky country and the hand-crafted quality of their products. Keep on scrolling to take a look at the project from start to finish!

Becky's Berries Brand Identity Concept by Gillian Tracey Design


When I start constructing a brand identity, one of the first steps I take is creating a mood board, or an inspiration board, that reflects the information that the client has given me in their in-depth creative questionnaire. A mood board helps set a visual standard that will serve as a guide during the steps of the design process, plus it serves as a good indicator of whether or not a vision is mutual. 

For this particular mood board, I collected images that worked together to create a vibe that was clean, airy, unfussy, organic, with hand-crafted touches. I wanted to steer clear of the rustic, cowboy aesthetic that is often associated with Montana to make sure this brand identity would stand out from the crowd.

Becky's Berries Concept Mood Board by Gillian Tracey Design

2 | Logo Design

For a business, the logo is the main identifying mark. It's like the hub of the brand identity, with all the other elements acting as the spokes. When working on this particular logo, I wanted to keep a nice balance of fresh, clean, and hand-crafted. The color scheme is fresh and nicely suits the nature of the business, the classic serif font keeps it looking tidy and unfussy, and the mason jar and berry illustration lends a slightly hand-crafted feel. 

Becky's Berries conceptual primary and alternate logo design by Gillian Tracey Design

3 | Design Elements

Design elements, like patterns and illustrations, help to make a well-rounded and unique visual identity. Having these elements available to use on collateral items, such as business cards, packaging, stationery, blog post graphics, social media cover photos, etc. goes a long way to unifying all the pieces belonging to a business.

Below are two custom patterns that were created for the Becky's Berries conceptual brand identity. The floral + berry pattern was hand-drawn to unify it with the logo's illustrated elements and re-emphasize the hand-crafted quality of the products the brand identity represents. The plaid pattern is more tidy and subdued, and the inspiration was pulled directly from the mood board. This pattern has a lot of flexibility since the background color can easily be changed. If you scroll down further, you'll see how this plaid was used with a darker background color on the business cards and flat note.

Custom Floral + Berry Pattern by Gillian Tracey Design
Plaid Pattern – Gillian Tracey Design

4 | Collateral Items

Collateral items are what showcase the versatility of a brand identity, and they play a large part in creating a cohesive look across all platforms. They give the opportunity to use design elements, such as illustrations and patterns, that truly show the uniqueness of the visual identity and tie everything together.

Below, you'll see examples of a conceptual business card design (with two different options for the back), a flat note that can be sent with orders or as thank you notes, as well as a coordinating envelope with the liner featuring the custom drawn pattern, and a sticker design.

Becky's Berries Concept Print Collateral Items - Gillian Tracey Design

Each business has a unique story all their own to tell. And you know what I love? Helping tell that story by hand-crafting brand identities with lots of heart. Are you a small business owner in need of a thoughtful, high-quality brand identity but don't know where to start? I'd love to help you define your brand and work with you to create a visual identity that will grow and evolve with your business. I'm currently booking clients for 2016, so get in touch now to reserve your spot!