5 Takeaways from an Awesome Meeting

Hi, everyone!

This week has been pretty busy, so I'm going to keep it short and sweet! I had an awesome meeting with a client this week, and I wanted to share some of the thoughts, ideas and insights that were born out of an hour-long conversation in a coffeehouse. They're all well-known truths, but sometimes it's good to be reminded of every now and again. :)

Blog Post by Gillian Tracey Design


1. Creative energy is contagious.

Chatting with other creative entrepreneurs is so fulfilling, rejuvenating and inspiring. Every time I come out of a great conversation with a fellow small business owner I am always amazed by how energized I am (the iced latte probably had a little something to do with it too). Conversations between creatives who are passionate about what they do makes magic happen. Do you have regular get-togethers with fellow creatives? 

2. Encouragement never goes out of style. 

Encouraging and affirming a fellow creative entrepreneur is something so simple, yet it makes all the difference in the world. Making big things happen for your business takes a lot of preparation, trial and error, and guts. Amongst all those things, uncertainty and self-doubt have a way of sneaking in. When someone speaks kind words and encouragement into your life, it can be just the boost of confidence you needed to reaffirm what you're working so hard to achieve. How can you encourage a fellow creative today?

Read this post for quotes that will inspire courage and grit. If you know someone who needs a little encouragement to keep going strong, go ahead and send them your favorite quote from the bunch!

3. Building connections is easier than you think.

Getting connected and building business relationships within a community can seem difficult when you're first starting out. However, when you use your resources to network and recommend your services to others, then the scope of your professional circle becomes much larger. This holds true within your local community, as well as the online creative community. Don't be afraid to reach out to people who you've worked with to ask if they would recommend you or introduce you to others within their network. Also, don't hesitate to join in on conversations happening among your peers on social media; this can look like commenting on blog posts or participating in a Twitter chat. Who knows, maybe a connection you make online can turn into a friendship and an opportunity to collaborate!

4. Focus on the small pieces that make up the big picture. 

In the meeting I had earlier this week, we talked about how much work is involved in just getting a business started, not to mention the maintenance involved in keeping up with it. So much to do! If you look at it as one big thing to get done, it's easy to get overwhelmed. By breaking down the one big thing into smaller tasks that are easy to accomplish, little by little you'll get closer to your reaching goal. I've found that if I have one big task in front of me, it's too easy for me to put off starting it simply because I don't know where to start. Having a list of smaller items to do makes it easier to get started, gain momentum, and then see real progress unfolding.

5. Partner with people who share your passion.

I think one of the biggest takeaways from this meeting was how important it is to partner with people who are as invested in a project as you are. Sitting down with my client, I could tell how excited she was about her new business ventures, and I couldn't help but get excited too! (When a small business owner trusts me to create a brand for their business, it is such an honor! It's hard not to be excited.) So if you're launching a product or business that includes parts that extend beyond yourself, whether it involves a designer, a developer, etc., be sure to partner with people who share your vision and are wholly invested in contributing their time, talent and energy to making big things happen. 

Have you ever come away from a meeting feeling super inspired and ready to take on any challenge? What are the things that stand out to you that make those meeting so awesome?