For this branding project, I was approached by Angie Huhman, a fun and energetic local businesswoman following her entrepreneurial spirit. Columbia Welcome is a business in Columbia, Missouri, that has been welcoming newcomers to the community for several years. Angie asked that I give Columbia Welcome a fresh look, and she gave me total creative freedom. I wanted to do something friendly and bright that incorporated an element of this small city, and in this case it's the skyline! I created a logo, different icons and patterns for the brand identity overhaul, and I've also worked with Angie on creating different print pieces including her business cards, postcards, a belly band wrap for a local magazine, etc. Take a look at how it all came together!

Columbia Welcome Branding by Gillian Tracey Design

Columbia Welcome Business Cards - Gillian Tracey Design
Columbia Welcome Postcards - Gillian Tracey Design