e-course branding

Just as professional branding helps give your business a trustworthy and professional first impression, the same goes for e-courses. You've logged countless hours creating content that shares your expertise, and now you've got to attract students. What better way to do that than through applying beautiful design to your e-course? I've tailored a branding package for e-courses, so keep reading for more information!


Each package has a base that includes a primary logo, alternate logo, and submark design to give you the greatest flexibility, 3 custom design elements, 3 social media promo graphics, and a PDF opt-in design. From there, you can add on more pieces of custom design elements or branded collateral as needed. 



Before we begin the design process, we'll talk about if you want to create a totally unique brand for your course or one that fits into the branding family you have in place for your business.

From there, I'll design a logo for your course that can be used on your classroom site, in social media graphics, class materials (PDFs, video covers, etc.). Why is a logo important for your course? It gives your potential students a professional and high-quality first impression, it helps communicate the mission of your content, and it will attract your ideal audience.


Just as a brand identity for a business, branding for an e-course needs to be flexible, cohesive, and high quality. 

The easiest way to create versatility within a brand identity is to create a wide range of visuals, like patterns, icons, or illustrations. These work with the logo to create a positive and professional experience for your students. 

Patterns, icons, and illustrations can be used on everything from email templates to social media graphics to branded course materials.


Branded collateral is a huge part of making a successful launch, presenting your content in an attractive manner, and helping build recognition for your class, which means getting more people registered! Examples of collateral that can benefit your e-course:

  • social media graphics for course launch
  • free opt-in to generate interest and build your email list
  • video cover images
  • fillable PDFs of worksheets or e-books
  • email template

INVESTMENT: starting at $799