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hello, friend!

One-on-one convos are kind of my thing. I love talking to people about what makes them tick, what their big dreams are, what they’re struggling with, and what brings them joy—I think that must be why I love designing brands so much.

Small businesses each have their own unique story, and the people who run them have their own unique dreams, goals, and passions. Those are things I strive to bring out in my design work. The gift I want to give business owners is a beautiful, custom brand identity and Squarespace site that perfectly embody their brand, will help them reach their goals, and be an active ambassador in building their business. 

So, when people ask me why I started my business, that’s exactly why: I want to help and serve business owners through design. (Although the freedom to travel, getting to hang out with my dog all day, and wearing leggings and a topknot as my uniform are definitely perks to the solopreneur gig!). If you want to learn more about my journey to becoming a business owner, you can read about it here!

Are you a entrepreneur, creative or otherwise, who has a story to tell, but can’t seem to express it just right? Are you feeling lost on this adventure of building a lasting brand, and need some guidance? Do you need design that is heartfelt and handcrafted to perfectly fit your business? Then, my friend, you are definitely in the right place!

If you head over to my services page, you can learn more about how I can help you in greater detail. For an overview, I offer custom branding services, Squarespace site design, brand discovery sessions, and design retainers for all the brand collateral you need designed but don’t have the time to create. 

I also share content over on the blog that is centered around branding, business, design, and Squarespace! You can check that out here, or see the most popular posts down below. Also, don't miss out on some free resources! Click here to find some helpful freebies designed with your brand and business in mind.

Watercolor coffee mug illustration - Gillian Tracey Design

If you feel like sitting down to a virtual cup of coffee with a fellow creative entrepreneur, you can get in touch at Or if you’re in the Mid-Missouri area we could get have an actual coffee date! Like, seriously, shoot me an email! Encouragement, brainstorming, and collaboration are my jam.

When I'm not designing, I enjoy spending time with my scruffy terrier named Griffin (we're besties), reading a good book, traveling, and spending time in the great outdoors basking in the glory of God's creation. I have an undying love for mountains, wildflowers, hammocks, belly laughs and handwritten letters.

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Fun Facts

Because who doesn't love fun facts?


Besides designing, I love drawing, painting, sculpting, photographing (I've shot 4 weddings!), and sewing. I'm game for pretty much anything creative and hands-on! 


I’m a major introvert (any other INFJs out there?), so working from home is a huge plus! But, I do love talking to people one-on-one and cultivating deep relationships.


My three-year plan includes renovating a VW Westphalia van or a vintage camper and traveling around the country to different national parks. Road trip, anyone?


Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice is my spirit animal. If you ever watch the movie with me, be prepared for constant movie quoting and swooning over Mr. Darcy.

What sets me apart from other designers?
Well, I’m glad you asked!

Your brand isn't just a pretty face.

For starters, I’m not about things just looking “pretty.” Having a beautifully designed brand identity and website are priorities to me, but only if the “prettiness” works hand-in-hand with functionality. Your branding should be working just as hard at representing your business as you do. It’s like an ambassador that shows people what your business is about and attracts your ideal audience; it shows that you’re professional and you’re invested in your business.

Forget about cookie cutter design, it's all custom here.

Part of what makes my brands handcrafted is that I will literally craft elements by hand (if it suits the project, of course!), whether that’s doing some custom lettering for your logo, or one-of-a-kind illustrations to add personality to your branding. I’m not a designer who is restricted solely to what I can create on a computer screen. In fact, I love putting my art skills to work! You can see them in action in my lettering and illustration portfolios.

It's not just an end-product, it's an experience and a learning opportunity.

I'm a firm believer in creating memorable designs, but I'm also a big believer in educating and empowering my clients. From the start, I'll make sure you're well-versed in the process we’ll be working through so there are no surprises along the way. Branding and web design are a big investment for small business owners, so I want the process to be as smooth, stress-free, and enjoyable as possible. Ultimately, I want to build a relationship with my clients because I care about their business as much as they do. Just think of me as your business cheerleader, celebrating successes with you along your journey!

my scruffy office buddy


GRIFFIN, the studio dog

This sweet little terrier is the scruff behind the scenes at Gillian Tracey Design. You'll usually find this former street dog napping at my feet while I work away on design projects and business to-dos.


Great typography, fun illustrations, and gorgeous brand identities make my designer heart so very happy. Working with fun and passionate small business owners also makes me really happy (and super excited)! Are you a fun and passionate small business owner in need of a beautiful and functional brand identity and Squarespace site? Click the button below to get the conversation started, or click here to learn more about different design services and available packages!