peggy jean's pies

custom illustration + print design + marketing

Here in Columbia, Missouri, is an awesome pie shop run by a super fun mother-daughter team. Jeanne and Rebecca are your typical small business owners. They love what they do, they're fantastic at making pie, and they're always busy making things happen and run as smoothly as possible. In the midst of balancing everything for their business, establishing a cohesive look for their brand was a challenge. While they already had a logo before I started working with them, they wanted a special logo created for their #WorldPieDomination movement. With the custom illustrated logo being complete, I've used it as a launching point for various branding materials, from print ads to postcards to pie box stickers. Here's a look at several pieces I've created for them. Also, if you have a sudden craving for pie, you can get some shipped straight to your door! (I highly recommend it, particularly the Peach Praline.)


Peggy Jean's Pies #WPD - by Gillian Tracey Design