Simple + Successful Marketing Tips: Mingo Press Case Study

If you read this blog post, you learned why service-based business owners should leverage their skills starting with themselves and how to go about doing just that. In today’s post, I want to dive deeper into this topic by showcasing a business that is a shining example of a service provider leveraging their skills to successfully market their business: Mingo Press.

Learn simple and successful marketing tips from a service-based business doing everything right to attract their ideal client and turn them into raving fans. Read more on the blog!

Mingo Press is a printer that can seemingly produce everything under the sun, whether it’s foil stamped, die-cut, screen-printed, you name it. I learned about them on Instagram, promptly requested a sample packet, and have admired them ever since. They’ve crafted a memorable and fun experience ever since I’ve signed up to be on their mailing list. 

Every now and again, I check my mail and find a beautiful and bright marketing piece from Mingo Press nestled amongst the mundane regulars of bills and junk mail.

The pieces they mail out are beautifully designed, usually have some kind of offer, are full of personality, and showcase the different paper and printing methods they are capable of. Not only is it fun to open, but it’s the kind of mail that I keep around to inspire me!

So what marketing tactics can be learned from Mingo Press?


1 | They’re crafting a memorable experience.

The first piece I received from Mingo Press was a hefty folder of printed goods after requesting a sample pack. It totally blew me away! They included so many beautiful pieces, plus a paper swatch book, and so much more. My first impression from direct contact with the brand was outstanding from the start. From then on, they continued to craft a memorable experience for me as a potential customer by sending beautiful, fun, and inspirational pieces they printed to me in the mail. Getting something pretty is way better than getting some junk mail about DirectTV or customizable checks!


2 | They’re showing off their craftsmanship, starting with themselves.

Each piece they mail out has impeccable attention to detail, and they do a top-notch job showcasing different techniques they can do for print jobs. As a designer who works with clients who occasionally need print work done (and sometimes need work printed for myself), I definitely fit within their target market: I’m someone who cares about design, about quality, and about customer service. Everything they do reemphasizes their commitment to design, quality, and customer service, and because of that, they have become a top-of-mind printer for me. They’ve totally won me over.


3 | They’re selling their work without being pushy or in-your-face.

Mingo Press has found a perfect blend of marketing their services and materials with giving value and enjoyment to their customers. By sending me direct mail pieces that usually have some kind of special offer, yes, of course they’re marketing and selling to me. However, because I find value in it, never feel pushed to buy, or never inundated with offers to my inbox, do I mind it? Absolutely not. 

As you’re building your brand, crafting a marketing strategy to attract your target audience, and turning them into your biggest fans, keep all these lessons from Mingo Press in mind. How can you do something special that gives your clients a memorable experience? How can you show off your craftsmanship and skills in a way that gives value? 

What brands have you come in contact with that have successfully used marketing tactics to turn you into a raving fan? I'd love to hear about them in the comments below!