4 Reasons Why I Rebranded (and Maybe Why You Should Too)

As a branding designer, I take the decision to rebrand really seriously because it’s a really big undertaking! And it can be scary to make a change from something that people are already familiar with to something totally new.

But the upside to making that scary change is having something that perfectly fits you!

Just as you outgrow clothes or your style changes, same goes for the design of your business. You reach a point when the lack of alignment starts to feel uncomfortable. 

You start to get embarrassed about people visiting your website. You feel like maybe you can’t charge what you want to charge (and should charge!) because your branding was better suited to the phase your business was in 2 years ago.

I get it because that’s where I was!

It got the point where I felt like my branding and website weren’t serving me in the best way, and I knew I needed to buckle in to do the aligning and designing that I do for my clients but now for myself.

So, if you’re feeling like maybe you’re ready for a change, here are some reasons why I decided to rebrand (and maybe they’ll help you determine if you’re ready too!):

4 Reasons Why I Rebranded (and Maybe Why You Should Too) by Gillian Tracey Design

1 | My design just didn’t feel like me!

Up until my rebrand, I’d had the same logo and website since starting my business in 2015. Of course I had rounded out my color palette, added some illustrations into the mix, and edited the info on my site to be current, but the main parts of my branding remained the same. 

After almost 4 years in business, you certainly grow and change as a person! I’ve figured out so much about myself, my design style, the services I want to offer, and the people I love to serve that what I started with just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

Also, since I often work with people I don’t get to meet in person, making sure my website and branding worked together to reflect my personality and what it’s like to work with me was a top priority. 

The way I ensured my branding felt authentic was to make my logo even more personal, alter my color scheme to have a more calm and organic feel, and hire a photographer to create images that helped capture my brand vibe.

2 | My ideal client had shifted

One of the best reasons to rebrand is to fit a new audience. Good design is crafted around strategy and a big part of brand strategy is crafted around knowing who you’re trying to reach!

So, if you’ve shifted or are considering shifting your ideal client or customer, keep in mind how that will work with your design. Does your new audience have the same needs? Do they have the same budget? The answers to those questions will help you figure out if it’s time to also change your branding and website.

3 | My services had niched down

When I first quit my job to go full-time as a freelancer, I wanted to design anything and everything (mainly because I was still figuring out what I was most excited about creating). I’ve gradually narrowed down my offerings, and now I’ve narrowed them again to be even more specific than before. 

My offerings now fit the kind of work I enjoy doing best and help me meet a need for people I’m passionate about serving. 

It can take time to sift through things and make the hard decision to say “no” to certain projects, but niching down is a big key to finding sustainable success.

4 | My business was ready for a new area of growth

The changes I was making in my idea client and services were just two parts of my desire to enter into a new chapter in my business. 

Rebranding and redesigning my website for the first time since starting my business was the clean slate I needed to step forward with confidence. And maybe that’s what you’re ready for too! Something fresh and authentic to push you forward into new ground.

Any of those four areas sound familiar? If you’re shifting significant parts of your business, like your audience or your mission or your services, I would highly recommend giving thought to whether or not you need to have your design tailored to fit. The hard work (and heart work) is worth the effort when you come out the other side with something genuine and aligned.

If you need some help talking over key elements of building a brand that tells your story before jumping into a rebrand, book a Brand Discovery Session (think of it as therapy for your business)! Or if you’re ready to dive into the rebranding process feet first, you can book your spot in my design calendar here.

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