HollyBerry Studio


Hollyberry Studio Mood Board by Gillian Tracey Design


Hollyberry Studio is a brand that conveys modern sophistication, joy, intimacy, and freshness, with visuals that blend luxury with approachability. The mission is to serve young engaged couples by: 

  1. providing them with a first rate client experience that creates a feeling of trust and comfort,

  2. delivering priceless, heirloom images that beautifully capture their special day.


Hollyberry Studio seeks to serve engaged couples in their twenties who live in the St. Louis area. They value education, quality, and enriching experiences, such as travel and time with their family. Their dream wedding is modern and clean-lined, but personal. An ideal venue would be an airy art gallery–no mason jars or baby’s breath for this couple. Ultimately, they want their wedding day to be a meaningful celebration of their marriage and a memorable time spent with family and friends. 


modern • sophisticated • joyful • intimate • luxury

HollyBerry Studio Custom Brand Identity Design by Gillian Tracey

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