J. Miller Wellness Mood Board by Gillian Tracey Design


Joyful • Inspirational • Warm • Nurturing • Insightful • Deep • Calm • Vitality • Momentum


The mission of J. Miller Wellness is to support people in living their lives from the inside out, in alignment with who they are and what interests them, and to listen to the small voice inside that knows what they need and to respond to it. The benefit of living this way is an increased sense of freedom, being in control of their destiny, enjoyment of life, and better health.


The ideal client for J. Miller Wellness are individuals desiring personal coaching or team members who are a part of a business/corporation. The common thread between these two client types is a sense of being trapped in mundanity. 

They are typically in their 40’s/50’s, passionate, and with a strong background in the arts. Their creative pursuits have been shoved to the side as they strove for the more mainstream “grownup” work that fell in line with family and societal expectations. 

Despite becoming a successful (title, responsibility, money) leader in their organization or industry, there is a feeling of constraint, frustration and disappointment, as well as a sense of having to wait for a time in the future when the thing they love can be the thing that they do.  

They need the help of a trustworthy, insightful, and compassionate guide to uncover the layers within themselves, rediscover inspiration that feeds their soul, and strike a healthy balance between work, relationships, and self-care. 

J. Miller Wellness branding by Gillian Tracey Design

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