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Live Red is a brand that conveys warmth, connection, inspiration, and quiet energy. The mission is to help introverted and highly-sensitive women:

  1. pursue a life they’re in love with,

  2. replace the mundane “grey” of to-dos and routine with color and spark,

  3. prove that a quiet nature doesn’t equate a lack of passion, richness, or courage.


Live Red seeks to serve introverted and highly-sensitive women who are in their 30s and 40s. Their caring nature has put them behind-the-scenes, prioritizing others’ needs before their own. They know that life is about more than their endless to-do list. However, they need help bringing color and spark back to their life in a way that aligns with their quiet, yet courageous, personality.


calm • gentle • cozy • spark • feminine • strong • connection • abundance


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In Lisa's brand discovery questionnaire, she said her mission was to help quiet-natured women bring spark and color back into their lives. That phrase kicked off the main inspiration behind the design! The logo incorporates a subtle, hand drawn spark icon, which creates a visual cue that supports the brand mission. The spark element was then carried across brand assets, like patterns and illustrations to create a sense of unity and cohesion. The color palette was selected to be well-balanced and incorporate shades of red without being too loud or aggressive. The end result is a unique palette that incorporates the lively feel of the brand with the brand values of comfort, stability and warmth.

Live Red Branding and Squarespace Website by Gillian Tracey Design

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