Gillian Tracey, owner and creative director of Gillian Tracey Design

Hello, friend!

I’m Gillian (said like “Jillian”), a designer, visual storyteller, and small business cheerleader.

I live in Columbia, Missouri with my scruffy rescue mutt, Griffin, and I have the honor of partnering with some of the coolest creatives from around the globe.

I’ve got a passion for storytelling because, well, I think it’s important.

I love getting to know each of my clients and the heart behind their business before diving in and creating bespoke branding and a website that fits—fits their purpose, fits their expertise, fits their audience, fits their story. Want to learn more about how we can partner together? Click here.

When I'm not behind the screen designing…

You can find me wandering around art museums with my husband, Adam, curling up with a good book, traveling (preferably via an epic road trip), or spending time in the great outdoors basking in the glory of God's creation. Mountains, wildflowers, hammocks, belly laughs and handwritten letters top the list of my favorite things.

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Fun Facts


Besides designing, I love drawing, painting, sculpting, photographing, and sewing. I'm game for pretty much anything creative and hands-on, the messier the better! 


I love taking personality tests! My Myers Briggs? INFJ. Enneagram? 9w1. Disney Princess? Belle with a touch of Pocahontas. Hogwarts House? Ravenclaw, for sure.


I bought a 1963 Traveleze travel trailer, and I can't wait to finish fixing her up (wish me luck!) to go on lots of adventures around the United States and Canada.


Lizzie from Pride and Prejudice is my spirit animal. If you ever watch the movie with me, be prepared for constant movie quoting and swooning over Mr. Darcy.


GRIFFIN, the studio dog

This sweet little terrier is the scruff behind the scenes at Gillian Tracey Design. You'll usually find this former street dog napping on the sofa while I work away on design projects and business to-dos.



How can I help you?

  • If you’re feeling like your logo/branding/website aren’t in line with the level of expertise you have (and is affecting your profitability)…

  • If you feel like the design in your business is out of alignment with who you and is preventing you from growing and reaching your dreamiest of dream clients…

  • If you’re a scrappy bootstrapper who’s tired of doing it all (and then re-doing it because you don’t really like how it looks)…

I can help you, my friend.

I can take the burden of design off your plate and help you tell your story in an authentic, just-feels-so-right way that allows your expertise to shine through and allows you to charge your true value.