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Stefanie Szewczyk offers business and project management, as well as virtual assistant services, to mom-preneurs. Her mission is to serve her clients wholeheartedly by: 

  1. creating processes and procedures that make their lives easier, 

  2. freeing up time for them to stay in their zone of genius, and

  3. being fully invested in their success.


Stefanie seeks to serve 27-40 year old women who are not deterred by technology but just doesn’t know enough about it, particularly how to use it to streamline their business. They’re overwhelmed with the digital clutter and don’t know where to find files, documents, etc.–things are starting to fall through the cracks. However, they’re open to new procedures and welcome suggestions. They are mothers who understand that family comes first no matter what, and business will always be second. 


minimalistic • sophisticated • professional • personal • detail-oriented

Stefanie Szewczyk custom branding and Squarespace site design by Gillian Tracey


I reached out to Gillian to have her complete the logo and website for the rebrand on my business. She went over and above and provided me with a variety of options from the approved logo she created. That blew me away, as I was expecting only one file and had received so much more. A great first impression, for sure. When we went through the website process, she provided me with great advice on the layout, and she took my ideas and ran with them to create a site that I absolutely love. She works quickly but does not rush. She is kind, and an absolute pleasure to work with. I will be a customer of hers for life - I can’t say enough about Gillian. If you’re looking for a designer to help you with your business, look no further. You have found the absolute best in Gillian. Thanks, Gillian, for all you’ve done for me!
— Stefanie Szewczyk

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